After months of development and a final flurry of activity we are delighted to announce that WWW.AURZA.COM is now LIVE.


As you will see we have kept our core tailored silhouettes that proved winners in our INDIEGOGO campaign, and have added some new styles, fabrics and fabulous new digital prints ready for summer.

We have photoshoots planned for every month and so there will be plenty more “shop the collection” images to come to provide inspiration for designs, plus new accessories and silhouettes.

Also for those of you who are also based in Hong Kong, we will bringing a digital revolution to our local fairs and will be at the CHOICE CO-OPERATIVE EVENT in ABERDEEN this Saturday May 10th.

So please pop along, take a look at the website and most of all share our news with your friends and family.

Thanks for everyone’s support so far.. the hard work starts now!

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AURZA – The Utterly Fabulous Campaign – Now Live on Indiegogo

AURZA - utterly fabulous custom-made dresses
Indiegogo AURZA

Jess and Steph, the wonderful ladies at AURZA, are ready to help you make your personal designs a reality.

They raised a fabulous  47% of their campaign target in the first weekend.

There is still a lot of work to do, so they’d appreciate any support that you can give them – it only takes a moment and really does make a difference:


AURZA Indiegogo
AURZA campaign site after 1 weekend

Sneaky Peak

The girls are preparing for launch, everything is looking fabulous….


As we are now in the final stages of our launch preparations, we are really excited to be able to give you a sneaky peak of some of the dresses from our range. We hope you love them as much as we do.



In the next couple of weeks we will be sharing more detailed reviews of each of our silhouettes with plenty more photos and ways to get involved with our imminent launch. Stay tuned and let us know your thoughts of anything you want to see.

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Setup Copy-and-Paste between OS X and Linux VirtualBox

When first exposed to Apple’s OS X, I found getting used to using the “Command” key quite challenging. Years of Windows-keyboard muscle memory automatically sent my fingers to the “Control” key when typing shortcuts like copy-and-paste. With time, however, my fingers became accustomed to the Mac keyboard (just as my taste-buds did when changing to black tea, full-fat coke and semi-skimmed milk). In fact, I’ve got so used to it now, my fingers get rather confused when I need to use “Control”-shortcuts again.

So, when I recently needed to create a virtual Linux development environment on my Mac, I found that the default VirtualBox/Ubuntu keyboard configuration didn’t let me copy-and-paste between my OS X programmes and the VirtualBox VM. However, you can easily configure your VM so that copy-and-paste works seamlessly with OS X  using the following steps:

  1. Change the default “Host” key from the left “Command” key
  2. Enable copy-and-paste between OS X and your Linux virtual environment
  3. Map the “Command” key to “Ctrl” in your Linux VM

The following sections outline each step in detail.

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Being a Data-Driven Entrepreneur

Notes from a talk by Bridgette Bean, Google’s Global Entrepreneurship Manager
CoCoon HK – 13 June 2013



Bridgette’s talk was an interesting and amusing whistle-stop tour of how Google’s data analytics services can be of value to entrepreneurs and startups. She covered the following areas:  Continue reading Being a Data-Driven Entrepreneur

Startup Engineering

Just eight days until the Stanford / Coursera course on Startup Engineering kicks off on 17 June 2013It’s scheduled to last for 10 weeks long (with workload ranging from 2-10 hours / week).

Technologies and techniques covered  look great!

… but I’ve no idea how I’m going to find the time!

Startup Engineering

Bridges the gap between academic computer science and production software engineering. Fast-paced introduction to key tools and techniques Continue reading Startup Engineering

Harnessing Human Computation

When I’m busying myself with something on  web, and one of those ubiquitous CAPTCHA boxes pops up my heart sinks…

However, I found this recent Economist article on Luis von Ahn to be quite an inspirational story. Interestingly, after reading this story at last, now when these little boxes pop up, I actually feel like I’m doing something useful…. Continue reading Harnessing Human Computation